Keeping a Grip on the Road – Suspension & Shock Absorbers

The maintenance of the shock absorbers in good condition is essential for operating safety of automotive vehicles and improves the driving comfort of the vehicle. The vibrations occurring in vehicle wheels and body are eliminated or significantly reduced by shock absorbing elements. Their task consists in damping of vibrations generated in the vehicles suspension system. […]

The Brake Triangle – Fault warnings you shouldn’t ignore

One of the most important but overlooked areas in vehicle safety is the ‘brake triangle’, which is made up of the following three components: Brakes The brake system is arguably the most important part of a vehicle. Imagine driving down the road and approaching a stop sign; you press your foot on the brake pedal […]

AAAA Magazine Feature – Quality Brake Testing Equipment

Regular car maintenance means more miles and longer vehicle lifespans The braking ability of a vehicle is one of the most significant safety elements in vehicle design today. Braking performance is critical in the avoidance of accidents and almost every single accident involves the application of the vehicle brakes. Brake testing is an important service […]

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