Compliant Window Tint Testing Products

compliant window tint testing light transmission meters competitors

…and what to look out for when buying one.   A selection of light transmission meters on the market. Pictured far left is one of the AutoLight models, the only compliant meter to the regulations. There has been a lot of focus recently on window tint testing from, all government jurisdictions. As a manufacture of […]

Factors Affecting Brakes While Driving

IN THIS ARTICLE: Several factors affect how your vehicle’s brakes work. These include the speed and weight of your vehicle, brake adjustment and anti-lock braking systems.

Noise & Vibration Control – Early Detection for Quick Fix

Australian Mining Review Article

Failure of conveyor systems is a significant problem in the mining industry, causing extended downtime, lost productivity, and increased risk of fire. The perils of a breakdown make proper detection and maintenance absolutely necessary for even the smallest of components within the conveyor system. That’s where AutoTest’s BAMbino conveyor idler bearing monitor is valued highly: […]

Celebrate AutoTest’s 21st Birthday with us!

We’re 21! We are proud to celebrate this month, as we recognise the day we founded the AutoTest company name! We have dug through the archives to find photos of our products before the AutoTest name was even brought to life. In February 1983 the decision to develop a Third Edition of the Australian Design Rules […]

What sort of Maintenance regime should I adopt?

Maintenance Types ADMM Feature Image

Every industry faces this same question, and several aspects come into play to determine what the best approach is. When you boil it all down, the most likely decision maker will be Cost. However, cost is not as straight forward as you might think. There are several aspects to this such as loss of production, […]

Burson Trade Shows 2021

AutoTest Burson Trade Show events

Last month the Sales and Management team set off on the road to showcase the new and the long-standing products at the Burson Trade Shows. With between 20-40 businesses represented at each show, it was great to be amongst some of the most well know Automotive brands sold in Australia. Did you know Burson Auto […]

Support Aussies. Buy Australian.

Australian Made Week Products 2021

AutoTest is Australian Made & Owned. We have been servicing the automotive industry since we were officially named in 2000. But did you know that our product VBT-101 Vipac Brake Tester, has been leading the market since we began manufacturing and distributing it in 1992? In celebration of Australian Made Week, we are offering 10% […]

Brake Safety and the Regulations

ADMM article brake testing regulations suspension brake fluid shock absorber meter

IN THIS ARTICLE: Brake safety, brake systems as well as the brake testing regulations and its importance in all vehicles, explained. If you Google Truck Brake Safety, you get results like the following: Brake problems on highway trucks at mines Five critical tips for brake safety week Park brake failure truck rolls away Emergency brake […]

Industry Update – QLD Legislation changing

QLD legislation change brake testing decelerometer tint testa testing window light transmission

The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) QLD is updating a requirement for brake testing and light transmission testing for window tinting. What are the changes to Brake Testing? As of September 2021 it will be mandatory for Approved Examiners to keep a copy of the brake test results, including GPS location, time and […]

The importance of a car Battery Tester

ADMM article battery testing car electric cars

The electric charge that your battery carries will not last a century. It can only carry so much electric charge for a specified amount of time and sooner or later it will discharge. In most cases, it is quite difficult to tell how much electric charge you have left. The 21st century cars are modern […]

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