Shedding Light on Headlight Aiming for Road Safety

Professional quality beam aligner suitable for all kinds of headlamps (high, low, fog inc. XENON & LED lamps).

Headlights are not just an accessory for vehicles; they are an essential component ensuring road safety, especially in low-light conditions. This article explores the critical role of proper headlight aiming and usage to enhance visibility and comply with legal obligations. The Purpose of Headlights The primary function of a vehicle’s headlights is to improve road […]

Elevate your Safety and Performance with AutoTest Brake Fluid Tester

There are several brake fluid testers available in the market, but the most reliable method to assess the effectiveness of your brake fluid is by testing its boiling point. This is precisely what the AutoTest Brake Fluid tester does. Many brake fluid testers only measure conductivity and not boiling point, which makes it challenging to […]

Testing the Brake Triangle

As featured in Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine – APRIL 2023 The brake triangle – fault warnings you shouldn’t ignore!! One of the most important but overlooked areas in vehicle safety is the ‘brake triangle’, which is made up of the following three components: BRAKES The brake system is arguably the most important part of a […]

Is your Brake Tester Compliant?

THE HISTORY OF BRAKE SAFETY The brake system is arguably the most important part of a vehicle. There are a variety of regulations for the design and implementation of each system, but brakes remain the only element that are comprehensively regulated. In Australia the first Australian Design Rules (ADRs) for braking performance of vehicles were […]

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