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Australian quality accredited roadworthy equipment manufacturer


 As featured in ADMM (Australian diesel mechanic on road magazine)- May 2023

AutoTest Products Pty Ltd is a supplier and manufacturer of state-of-the-art automotive testing and diagnostic products located in Kensington, Victoria.

We are an award-winning Australian made designed, and owned manufacturer of state-of-the-art vehicle testing equipment. AutoTest® products are all portable and easy-to-use, making them ideal for regulatory authorities, law enforcement agencies, service testing stations, garages, and workshops. Having achieved ISO 9001 Quality Management System accreditation, AutoTest® is the only quality accredited roadworthy equipment manufacture in Australia. Our Calibrations are accredited with the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA), and internationally recognised through the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC).

With product design and compliance roots dating back to 1983, our focus is on developing testing and diagnostic instruments. We invest in research and product development, and our in-house product designers and engineers are consistently at the forefront of developments.

Our product development program ensures the consistent launch of innovative, new products designed to meet the needs of the automotive industry and the changing vehicle safety regulatory requirements.

AutoTest first began manufacturing and distributing equipment in 1992.  AutoTest Products Pty Ltd commenced trading as a trademarked brand on July 1st, 2000, to further commercialise the intellectual property gained through the provision of services and solutions to the automotive industry.

Our focus at AutoTest is on developing testing and diagnostic instruments. Accredited, roadworthy compliant testing products is our number one priority for all of our automotive diagnostic products. Our brake testers are NATA accredited, and many products are designed to Australian Standards and Design Rules, ensuring quality and accurate testing as well as passenger and vehicle safety.

To date we have sold over 60,000 products worldwide, and today AutoTest’s product range includes:

  • A combined Gas and Smoke Analyser.
  • A range of AutoStop brake performance meters and calibrator.
  • The AutoStop suspension meter.
  • The AutoTest eNoise sound-level meter.
  • The AutoTest acoustic calibrator.
  • The AutoLight light transmission meter.
  • A brake fluid tester, and battery analyser.
  • A range of noise and vibration equipment.

At AutoTest, we champion quality and innovation in our products, and in our customer service. These standards are upheld by our staff.

We have a diverse background of specialty areas of the business, including software engineering, product development, electronic repairs, sales, aftersales service, customer service, accounts, marketing, and manufacturing.

AutoTest products are used by garages, workshops, regulatory authorities, and service testing stations. AutoTest supply directly and through a network of international distributors located in Australia, Asia the Pacific Islands, Europe, Africa, and the US.

AutoTest’s new product development program ensures the consistent launch of innovative, new products designed to meet the needs of the automotive industry and changing vehicle safety regulatory requirements.

AutoTest’s has been awarded with an Engineering Excellence Awards in 1999, two Aus Industry awards an Institute of Engineers Australia, Engineering Excellence Awards – the national engineering excellence award for research and development, and the award for innovation and won an SAE engineering excellence award.


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