Shedding Light on Headlight Aiming for Road Safety

Professional quality beam aligner suitable for all kinds of headlamps (high, low, fog inc. XENON & LED lamps).

Headlights are not just an accessory for vehicles; they are an essential component ensuring road safety, especially in low-light conditions. This article explores the critical role of proper headlight aiming and usage to enhance visibility and comply with legal obligations. The Purpose of Headlights The primary function of a vehicle’s headlights is to improve road […]

The Challenges of Car Battery Testing

AutoTest Battery System Tester for accurate battery testing and health check

As featured in AAAA Magazine – July 2022 The key problem lies in the difficulty of testing batteries, and this applies to repair shops, retail outlets, and service garages. There is a significant shortfall in a reliable method of estimating the state-of-charge, which is based mostly on voltage and charge counting. Assessing capacity, is the […]

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