AutoTest Micro Plus Brake Meter


The AutoTest® MicroPlus Brake Tester can assess 2, 3 and 4 wheel motorcycles and their braking capabilities. .

Garages, workshops, and testing stations can use MicroPlus as a compact decelerometer on Class I – VII vehicles, including motorcycles, for all their brake testing needs.

MicroPlus has a unique set of tri-axial sensors that enable the device to be used in any position or orientation in or on a test vehicle. With the use of strong magnets, the MicroPlus can be used in a variety of positions and locations without the risk of it falling off.


  • Accurate and efficient results are achieved with electronic sensors and rigorous calibration
  • Annual calibration is conducted on all MicroPlus equipment to ensure consistently accurate results
  • Complies with the legislative requirements of Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)- and approved for use by the GEA


AutoTest’s MicroPlus Brake Tester is calibrated and distributed in the UK by Tecalemit Products, Plymouth.

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